You will be back to doing powerful moves in no time!

Golfers, or climbers elbow (medial epicondylitis) is a common occurrence among climbers. When climbing hard I can develop a debilitating pain in my i...

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Elbow Trouble

flagging (2)

Flagging is one of the most underused techniques in beginners. It is a crucial technique to grasp in order to make climbing look effortless and smooth...

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I will be running bespoke coaching session at Craggy Sutton through July and August 2016. If you are interested in booking onto a session or just wan...

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Craggy Island 2- Sutton

Hey guys, I am finally back down in London after my exam stress- back to climbing and training most days and doing some setting which is very exciting...

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Setters eye view

Blokfest My recent foray into competition climbing has started to pay off! Even though I didn’t feel my strongest at Blokfest, having had a cold for...

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Blokfest, CWIF and Font

Jan Hojer displaying strong shoulders on M2 in the semi's

Grading systems There are lots of tables like the ones above that allow you to roughly convert from grade to grade, within the same climbing disciplin...

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Grading; whats going on?

Competition bouldering has grown in popularity massively in the past few years thanks to the boom in indoor centres. I have recently started to throw ...

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Superbloc and BUCS