flagging (2)

Flagging is one of the most underused techniques in beginners. It is a crucial technique to grasp in order to make climbing look effortless and smooth...

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The first thing you will probably think about when someone is described as, “a good technical climber” is that they have great footwork. It is tru...

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Technique training


A Brief History Since the birth of rock climbing one of the golden rules has been to maintain three points of contact, to move with ‘control’. How...

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Dynos; not real climbing?

Spotting 3

There is a lot of debate among climbers regarding how and when to spot. I have been teaching spotting technique to people for a while but often there ...

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Route reading… World Championships, Italy

Have you ever seen someone at the wall doing some sort of dance and chatting to themselves while staring up at a problem? Route reading may look stran...

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Route Reading

toe hook

What techniques do we have at our disposal to overcome problems? How can body movement compensate for strength and make us look graceful and at ease? ...

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Essential techniques

next epic project

I think this topic deserves a post all of its own, just to go over the basics, and several more beyond this. Good footwork is the basis for nearly eve...

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mono lol

There are many different types of holds in climbing. The angle of wall they’re on and their position on that wall will determine the best way to hol...

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Grips and holds