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Golfers, or climbers elbow (medial epicondylitis) is a common occurrence among climbers. When climbing hard I can develop a debilitating pain in my i...

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Elbow Trouble

flagging (2)

Flagging is one of the most underused techniques in beginners. It is a crucial technique to grasp in order to make climbing look effortless and smooth...

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Jan Hojer displaying strong shoulders on M2 in the semi's

Grading systems There are lots of tables like the ones above that allow you to roughly convert from grade to grade, within the same climbing disciplin...

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Grading; whats going on?

tight shoes

Buying shoes can be a tricky business. The same size of shoes can actually be slightly different sizes across the range of brands. Each brand and styl...

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Buying Shoes

toe hook

What techniques do we have at our disposal to overcome problems? How can body movement compensate for strength and make us look graceful and at ease? ...

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Essential techniques

mono lol

There are many different types of holds in climbing. The angle of wall they’re on and their position on that wall will determine the best way to hol...

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Grips and holds