You will be back to doing powerful moves in no time!

Golfers, or climbers elbow (medial epicondylitis) is a common occurrence among climbers. When climbing hard I can develop a debilitating pain in my i...

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Elbow Trouble

The first thing you will probably think about when someone is described as, “a good technical climber” is that they have great footwork. It is tru...

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Technique training

I have finally finished my exams and am traveling home for Christmas, so I now have time to write and climb again! A few months ago I put up a couple ...

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Finger and Forearm Training

There are hundreds of exercises and variations of these exercises that people use to strengthen and tone their core. I think the biggest difference wi...

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Training: Core

90 degree hold in a frenchie

I have been asked to talk about my training schedule building up to my trip away. Every climber will have their own training routines and exercise rep...

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Training: Upper Body

Training for climbing can take many forms. My definition is broad, I would categorise training as exercising for improved fitness, strength or extra e...

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Training Principles