tight shoes

Buying shoes can be a tricky business. The same size of shoes can actually be slightly different sizes across the range of brands. Each brand and styl...

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Buying Shoes

Route reading… World Championships, Italy

Have you ever seen someone at the wall doing some sort of dance and chatting to themselves while staring up at a problem? Route reading may look stran...

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Route Reading

toe hook

What techniques do we have at our disposal to overcome problems? How can body movement compensate for strength and make us look graceful and at ease? ...

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Essential techniques


I had an amazing time in Siurana last week but now I am coming to the end of my Easter break and need to return to the world of work. When you have be...

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next epic project

I think this topic deserves a post all of its own, just to go over the basics, and several more beyond this. Good footwork is the basis for nearly eve...

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mono lol

There are many different types of holds in climbing. The angle of wall they’re on and their position on that wall will determine the best way to hol...

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Grips and holds


There are some key themes and exercises running through a lot of the articles I recommended in my last post on injuries and rehabilitation. Most exer...

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Injuries: Broad brush strokes

'I'll clobber the first joker who ask me if I enjoyed my 'Winter Break'!'

There are a million and one pages on injuries, their treatment and prevention that are easy to find. What I’m not going to do is act like your physi...

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An introduction to injuries